Poem for Hard Times

Look for the peacemakers,
a wise man once said
Look, he said
in the midst of horror
for the kindness
the gentle eyes
how they always
appear to hold your hand
or Great Spirits

Look to the soft eyes of a dog

Head on your lap

creating, sharing your stillness.

Turn away from
the dead-eyed
killed by
their fear
leave them pitied
pitied eave them.

Listen to
the songs and singers
never silenced
by the water hoses
or bombs
only sung louder, sweeter

Watch for
the dancers
who bend but never break
who fly free as birds
free at last
Listen to
the storytellers
who sit around the fire
among the ruins
telling tales
of treasures most sought
and freely shared
at no cost, no cost
to anyone

See the beloved with open arms
opening their doors
stretched beyond their own kin
to embrace us all
like family

They are here, there, everywhere
They are never far
They are
They are.
They have always been.
They will always be
the peacemakers
hope givers
truth tellers.
Look up
just look up
there and there and there
they are carrying
you and me
to the promise

of peace.