We Are

It is enough 

that the breeze 

is cool 

and the mockingbird sings

its thirteen songs.

It is enough,

though Ted is dying

and Barbara 

as well as Nancy died suddenly,

that even so

I feel their love.

Not enough is the angry demand

That becomes too much

Like  the avalanche,

the overdose.

Even overjoyed lands hard

on the rocks of reality.

Enough pulls us back

From the the collapsing cliffs of our desires.

It is enough

that I walk a mile or two

with trees my kin, 

not merely branches and bones

but expressions of earth’s love

our roots and veins intertwined.

We want more 

as if the  balance

created by earth and ocean,

that knows what should flourish or fade

and times the seasons like a clock

Is not enough.

Oh, if only we knew,

If we could see

we are more, 


than enough.

For Greta

“But you, too young to say
You make it possible again and again…”
~~lyrics from the song Rise Up by Roy Zimmerman, after the Parkland shootings

Only the old believe in death
fooled by their changing bodies,
unchanging minds
struggling to hold back time.
Looking back so much

eyes lose sight
of what is ahead.

I am old now
but live

with wonder at my place in:
the circular centers of flowers,
sacred geometry of shells,
endless Fibonacci forms
full roundness
of the moving earth
rolling and
rolling and returning.

I stand
on the edge
of uncertainty,
arms open
mind open
to every

They Make Fun of Tree Huggers

Even if you aren’t a believer
your feet have faith
in the earth
your lungs are believers
in the air
your thirst trusts
in the water.
We are held,
with no effort of our own.
What other love gives so freely?
This is holiness
being crucified
by those who
once again
know not
what they do.