Quantum Mechanics, Cubism and the Myth of Self

Picasso saw
the blue in the horse
and the scientist agreed:
yes, blue is in the horse,
if you look beyond muscle and haunch
the same blue in our veins
which are filled
with salty water
that first fell as a translucent raindrop
on a blade of grass
until one drop led to another
to fill a bucket, then a lake
then the blue ocean
and back home to the sky
to a cloud it once was
until it gathered again to fall like a curtain
over the land
and looked like a river
for a century or so.
(A river has a body longer than you and I).

Picasso knew
we are not solid
not set in stone
he drew the truth
to show the space we are
not static, lifeless, deathless statuary
our arms and heads and eyes
quantum bits and pieces
fired up by the unseen,
unknowable mystery of our breath.


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