Right View

Only By Loving

If you had a sad childhood, so what?

You can dance with only one leg

and see the snowflake falling

with only one eye.

~~~Robert Bly

I learn this type of acceptance from dogs. They continue chasing the ball on three legs when once they had four. They seem to say, “Okay, now I am a three-legged dog. Let’s play.”

I was wounded in childhood, and now I am old. Opportunities that good self-esteem would have availed me were lost.  Okay, now I an old dog without a partner, without my own home, but with right view I can find real happiness.

our perceptions are made of our afflictions: craving, anger, ignorance, wrong views and prejudice. Whether we are happy or we suffer depends largely on our perceptions…We have an idea of happiness. We believe that only certain conditions will make us happy. But it is often our very idea of happiness that prevents us from being happy…Our happiness and the happiness of those around us depends on our degree of Right View. ~~~Thich Nhat Hanh


On A Liberal Arts Education and the “Self”

Today a friend posted this on FB and I found it quite wonderful. Tragically, this writer killed himself in his mid-forties, and that seems even harder to believe when you listen to this talk, but there is the mystery of our individual journeys. We are fortunate that he left behind good work like this.



Impermanance as Right View

“Love” That is Based on the Body; The Power of Hormones and Thoughts


Buddhism, Creativity, Jazz

Talk from Retreat

Retreat Talk by Fred Epperstein

This is day 2 of a series of talks and participant questions and discussions that I will be posting because they are powerful, helpful.

No Birth, No Death


Everything is a circle

Jung and Buddha said it is

an ancient


crowded with colors and lines

in the center

the rays like

A sufi in the middle

His circling white skirt




Like the earth

Circles round

Reflecting the big round


And sun

Illuminated circumference

Constant circles of light

Where is the start

or end

of the ocean

of the globe?

A Steady Flame


I wish to be a steady flame

to burn quietly and,

like my brethren wind and water,

know the energy that is


requiring nothing

from anyone

like breath

that breathes itself

fueled by the power of letting go

into the present as when

we dance

like fire

drop our masks and

feel like we are

a candle lit in the dark night.


Even when the wax of this body melts,

the flame extinguished

we know

the water, wind, and I

know that

we still flow,

blow and burn

inside the spent wick,

always ready

only waiting

for the match to strike again, or

the thunderstorm to fall on parched fields,

the wind to fill our shallow breaths,

Like white sails billowing full.

I wish to be

like you, my friends

One flame that burns visible

and invisible, always




“To work in the world is hard; to refrain from all unnecessary work is even harder.”~~Sri Nisargadatta

Yesterday, after reading sections of I Am That, Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I listened to a talk by Eckhart Tolle. It was a day of my own personal retreat and it has caused me to consider the  pause.

During Tolle’s talk he pointed out that if we notice the pause between words, we will see how full of peace that space is. I did as he suggested and discovered how true that is.

People talk so much! This non-stop talking is the same as the non-stop monkey mind constantly commenting in our minds. When I start talking too much I feel the tension in my body increase, the pulse race quicker, and I am only aware of what I am saying. I am not aware of where I am, and barely aware of who is with me. When someone else talks non-stop, I feel exhausted, as if I am running alongside them and cannot stop. All this talk is a type of running, in fact.

Questioner to Sri Nisargadatta:  If I am that light, why do I not know it?

Sri Nisargadatta:  To know, you need a knowing mind, a mind capable of knowing. But your mind is ever on the run, never still, never fully reflecting.

When I paid attention to the pauses between Tolle’s sentences, I recognized the place I sometimes locate in meditation. It feels like stepping out of madness into reality.






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